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What is the difference between the 2020 Spring Festival and previous years
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Starting from January 10 next year, the Spring Festival Transport in 2020 will start. This "cyclical migration" is earlier than in previous years and will continue until February 18 for a total of 40 days. According to research, in the 2020 Spring Festival, the national passenger shipments will reach about 3 billion, a slight increase from the previous year.

Spring Festival affects whether families can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. How is the 2020 Spring Festival different from previous years? Can returnees buy tickets to go home smoothly? How to do all the guarantees?

"Waiting for Tickets" and "Brushing into the Stop" Popular New Changes Makes People Full of Expectations

The Spring Festival of 2020 is the early Chinese New Year in the past 8 years. The joy of returning home for the new year, and the application of new technologies such as brushing face into the station make people look forward to the upcoming Spring Festival.

Due to the changes in the characteristics of population migration, the improvement of the transportation facility network, and the diversified travel needs of the people, the situation faced by the Spring Festival each year is also different.

This year, Daxing International Airport was put into use, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei comprehensive transportation system was further improved; the new high-speed railway lines such as Chenggui eased the problem of capacity shortage of related labor services; Parking toll (ETC) will improve the efficiency of highway traffic; railways will implement “waiting-for-purchase tickets”, promote electronic tickets on high-speed rail lines and most inter-city railways, and promote full coverage of self-service real-name verification at city stations above the prefecture-level city to achieve passenger brush ID pit stop.

In addition to these new changes, an estimated 220,000 volunteers will be active on the front line of the Spring Festival Transport in 2020, providing guidance and consultation, order maintenance, and emergency rescue services for passengers, becoming a beautiful scenery line for the Spring Festival Transport.

"Overall, the ability to support the Spring Festival transport has continued to increase, and the favorable factors have further increased, but some new and comprehensive issues have become more prominent." Said Li Weiliang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Lian Weiliang introduced that the student flow and the labor flow overlapped before the holiday, and the passenger flow was relatively concentrated. The capacity of some key railway directions during the peak period and a small number of hot spots of civil aviation was tight. During the Spring Festival holiday, tourism demand is strong, many attractions are overcrowded, parking, catering and other supporting facilities are insufficient, and the supply of tourism resources is difficult to meet the needs. During the Spring Festival, long-distance passenger vehicles have increased significantly than usual, and some illegally operated "black chartered cars" will increase road traffic safety risks.

Do everything possible to increase the capacity to solve the "difficult to get" problem

For the masses who go home to celebrate the New Year, the worry is that "one vote is hard to find". The key to solving this problem is to do everything possible to increase capacity.

"In the past few years, the total number of spring passenger transports has maintained nearly 3 billion, and the proportion of travel modes such as high-speed rail, civil aviation, and private cars has continued to increase." Lian Weiliang said that in 2020, of the total number of 3 billion spring passenger transports, roads Passenger transport will reach 2.43 billion, down 1.2%; rail will reach 440 million, up 8%; civil aviation will reach 79 million, up 8.4%; water transport will reach 45 million, up 9.6%.

Lian Weiliang requested that the railway department should make full use of the newly opened Beijing-Zhangzhou, Chenggui, Shanghe and other new railway capabilities to ease the tension in some regions and at the same time ensure the necessary scale of regular-speed trains. The civil aviation department should actively increase the supply of capacity through a variety of methods including targeted arrangements for overtime and replacement of larger aircraft. Localities should focus on strengthening the supply of passenger transportation hubs, tourist attractions and other densely populated areas. At the same time, we must adhere to the principle of "putting passengers first and taking both passengers and goods into consideration", and ensure the transportation of coal, grain, and festival commodities on the basis of ensuring passenger transportation.

Liu Xiaoming, deputy minister of the Ministry of Transport, said that it is necessary to effectively dispatch transportation resources. Focus on strengthening passenger supply capacity in passenger hubs, railway passenger stations, airports, tourist attractions and other densely populated areas, increase the number of additional shuttle boats as needed, and scientifically schedule the frequency of departures to effectively improve transportation capacity. It is necessary to urge and guide transportation companies to further explore transportation potentials based on changes in passenger flow and flow direction, scientifically formulate transportation plans, optimize transportation organization, timely adjust the departure density of passenger buses, public trams, and urban rail transit, and increase the number of chartered cars and packages in a timely manner. ferry.

Li Wenxin, deputy general manager of the National Railway Group, said that it is necessary to scientifically arrange the Spring Festival transport capacity, make full use of the new lines and new EMUs newly opened this year, and focus on arranging Guangzhou Jingcheng VIP passenger to Chengdu and Beijing Jingjing Bao passenger to Inner Mongolia, Datong, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Zhongyuan area and other EMU train operation plans to meet passenger travel needs. While increasing the capacity of high-speed rail, insist on driving regular speed trains and 81 pairs of slow trains.

"In the spring of 2020, we will expand the waiting ticket purchase service to all passenger trains, optimize the operating process, and improve the ticketing experience." Li Wenxin said, comprehensively promote high-speed rail electronic tickets, further improve the ability to sell tickets online, and give priority to protecting key groups such as migrant workers. Passengers buy tickets.

Lu Erxue, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that during the Spring Festival period, the Civil Aviation Administration of China will arrange a modest expansion of domestic airports in accordance with the support capacity to fully meet passenger travel needs. Airlines should scientifically forecast market demand, arrange flight plans reasonably, continue to optimize flight structure, do overtime arrangements and capacity backup, and make every effort to ensure that passengers return home for the New Year. All airports, especially those in tourist hotspots, should adjust and increase the situation according to the airline's capacity, improve the support facilities, increase the number of support personnel, and be prepared to respond to the concentrated passenger flow.

Put safety as the top priority to ensure the safety of the people

Spring Festival, safety is the way to go home.

“From the analysis of the Spring Festival accidents in recent years, traffic safety accidents in rural areas are high.” Lian Weiliang said that all localities should strengthen the management of rural road traffic safety, investigate the accident-prone sections, focus on the inspection of passenger vehicles, and pick up and drop off student vehicles. Rectification of road fairs to eliminate hidden dangers. Before the beginning of the Spring Festival, relevant departments in various places must check information such as business license registration, vehicle registration, and road transport qualifications, and check "black companies" and "hacking vehicles", especially to strengthen law enforcement inspections of long-term operation of large and medium-sized passenger cars. Strength.

Li Jiangping, director of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said that vehicles that fail to meet the safety and technical requirements must be strictly prohibited from entering the Spring Festival, and drivers who have scored 12 points are strictly prohibited from participating in the Spring Festival. Strictly control "two passengers, one danger and one cargo", school buses, rural vans and other key vehicles, strictly investigate "three super one fatigue", drunk driving and other serious illegal acts, and severely punish "jammers", "countdowns", "robberies" Such as highlighting illegal crimes and cracking down on "machine trouble" and "hegemony" and other illegal activities that endanger transportation order and operational safety.

"Responsibility for production safety is more important than Mount Tai." Fu Jianhua, deputy director of the Emergency Management Department, said that according to the characteristics of the Spring Festival transportation, in-depth analysis and judgment of the severe situation and potential risks faced by safety production, solid safety inspections, and effective strengthening of hidden trouble investigation and supervision Focus on investigating major risks, eliminating major hidden dangers, and preventing major accidents. Make overall arrangements for safety precautions and disposals for passenger detention risks, and cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen control and emergency protection for passenger flow under severe weather. It is necessary to take effective and effective measures, make every effort to do a good job in the safety of the Spring Festival transportation, effectively prevent all kinds of accidents, and effectively ensure that the people live a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival. (Reporter Liu Kun)

(Responsible editor: Jiang Hong (intern), Xiao Jinbo)

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